NFL Picks Week 2

Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo is seen on the sidelines as the Cowboys play the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland on September 12, 2010. The Redskins defeated the Cowboys 13-7. UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom
Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys
Bears +9
Steelers vs Titans
Titans -5.5
Dophins vs Vikings
Dolphins +6
Cardinals vs Falcons
Cardinals +7
Ravens vs Bengals
Ravens -3
Eagles vs Lions
Eagles -6
Bills vs Packers
Bills +14
Seahawks Vs Broncos
Seahawks +3.5
Rams vs Oakland
Oakland -3.5
Pats vs Jets
Pats -3
Texans vs Redskins
Texans -3
Jacksonville vs Chargers
Jacksonville +7
Giants vs Colts
Giants +6
Saints vs 49ers
Saints -6

Week 3 College Football Picks

SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 11: Denard Robinson  of the Michigan Wolverines looks for a receiver under pressure from Carlo Calabrese  of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Notre Dame Stadium on September 11, 2010 in South Bend, Indiana. Michigan defeated Notre Dame 28-24. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Arkansas vs. Georgia

Arkansas +2

Ohio vs Ohio State

Ohio +30.5

Iowa vs Arizona

Iowa -2

East Carolina vs Virgina Tech

Virginia Tech -19.5

Florida vs Tennessee

Florida -14

USC vs Minnesota

USC -12.5

Arizona State vs Wisconson

Wisconsin  -14

Nebraska vs Washington

Nebraska -3.5 (close game but still like the whole package that Nebraska brings)

Notre Dame vs Michigan State

Notre Dame +3.5

Boise State vs Wyoming

Boise State -24

That is what I am feeling right now look out on twitter to see if anything changes as info on the games comes @pfake!

College Football Week 1 Free Picks

TUSCALOOSA - OCTOBER 17:  Head coach Steve Spurrier of the South Carolina Gamecocks watches the scoreboard during the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 17, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The Crimson Tide beat the Gamecocks 20-6.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
College Football has arrived here and we are at week one of the college football season, we start out with a full slate of games only a handful will be entertaining. Its labor day weekend so the games are spread out from Thursday till Monday.  I have hand selected some games here that will be good plays for the weekend so check em out and enjoy the weekend.  For all the fans out there I will be doing NFL Picks here shortly and will have picks out earlier every week, also look to see a lot the picks done in video format!
Southern Missisippi at South Carolina
South Carolina comes in at home as 14 point favorites and of course wee look for them to win but I look to see the game a little closer then most people think. The two QB system that Steve is running never works and always results in both QB’s not doing well. I would look for no heart Garcia to get into trouble and keep So. Miss in it! Historical trends for all you people out there show the game will play out like this also, South Carolina never wins big and Southern Miss always covers in September!
Take Southern Miss +14
Pittsburgh at Utah
Pittsburgh returns all world running back Dion Lewis…but I hope they told him their offensive line only returned one starter, does he have the holes with the weak line to keep up with Utah.  Pitt has a freshman QB and unless Dave Wannstedt himself plays I don’t see them keeping up with Utah. Utah historically with time to prepare is unbeatable, with a summers worth of practices look for them to tee off on Pitt! This line is really at pick em with the home three point advantage going to Utah and I say take it and bee happy with it!
Take Utah -3
Rest of the Weekend Picks will be coming shortly just wanted to get Thursday games out there….

NFL Week 3 Free Picks

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins

After a strong week 2 with 11 right we are moving right along into week 3 with another round of good action here. All the spreads are courtesy of Bodog sports book where you can always bet with confidence! Well here we go the The Pump Fake Week 3 Free Picks our picks are always in Bold!

Sunday Sept 27th

Houston -4 vs. Jacksonville

Houston looked good last week and will continue that good play this week.

Tampa Bay Bucs +7 vs. New York Giants

Giants are in a little bit of a injury plagues week which results in close game this week. Leftwich has looked good and will continue to play well against a weakened Giant Defense that is without Phillips and Tuck.

Tennessee Titans +3 vs. New York Jets

Tennessee pulls this one out to keep from going 0-3 and Sanchez finally makes some rookie mistakes.

Kansas City +7 vs. Philly

Philly is still in QB limbo and will try multiple variations with Vick. That did not work in the preseason and will not work here. Look for Kansas City to bounce back with a healthy Cassel and his new favorite target Bobby Wade. They keep it close.

Baltimore -13.5 vs. Cleveland Browns

Baltimore has a offense, let me repeat that they have a offense, we all knew they had a defense now the offense is there to help the strong defense rest. Cleveland has looked bad Quinn is not the answer and they struggle against the Ravens. I hat big NFL spreads and they never usually cover but you have to bet against the Browns they have shown nothing.

Detroit +6.5 vs. Washington Redskins

Detroit has always kept this game close even when they were really bad! Once again this is a close game but the Redskins pull it out.

San Fransisco +7 vs. Minnesota

I am not sold on San Fran and their new defense but we will see a strong running back battle in this one. I expect the 49ers to keep it close since Peterson is slightly injured so he does not break out 80 yarders and they have ot rely on Favre a little more.

New England Patriots -4 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Brady pulls it together at home! The Falcons are a good pick here but this is the New England Pats at home and expect that Pats Offense ot come together here and put up a show.

St. Louis Rams +7 vs. Green Bay Packers

St Louis looks to break out at home and well keep this game close. Steven Jackson has been wanting to break out this year and look for him to wear down the Green Bay defense. Green Bay Offensive line has had problems and will once again be subject to a healthy dose of pass rush from the Rams. Look for the Rams to keep it close and lose by 3 at home.

Chicago Bears -2.5 vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Bears are starting to gel together in their offense and will really lay it on the Seahawks with all their injuries. The Seahawks offense is nothing without Matt Hasselback and will struggle against a strong bears pass rush. Look for the Bears to Quiet the crowd early in the game and win big in Seattle.

New Orleans -6 vs. Buffalo

New Orleans is too much offense for the Bills to handle the Bills will put up some offense themselves and this should be a high scoring game but the Brees show will continue and they will cover the -6.

Cincinnati Bengals +4.5 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati has played two really good defensive games and their pass rush is the main cause. They will get to Big Ben and force some turnovers and could pull the upset that many have predicted. Pittsburgh can’t run the ball still and will look to use different looks to try and get a ground game going but the Bengals will hold them strong and will win.

Miami +6 vs. San Diego Chargers

Another week and the Chargers will be without L.T. they will use Sporles in lots of situations but the Miami defense is still strong. The running game for Miami is still strong and I look for them to control the game from the ground again and will win this in a close one.

Oakland +2 vs. Denver

Oakland is starting to show something and I am not sold on Kyle Orton as the Qb in Denver. The short passes will not work as well vs. the hard hitting Denver D. Look for Russel to have a better game completing passes this week and they win at home.

Indianapolis +2.5 vs. Arizona

Don’t mess with Peyton Manning in a shootout. That’s all you really need to say he can pass and no matter how good the passing game is for Arizona Peyton will put up better numbers and look for them to win on the road.

Monday Sept. 28

Carolina +9 vs. Dallas

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Free College Football Picks Week 4

Georgia Tech v Miami
Is Miami back? Can they Beat three Ranked teams in a row? We will find out Saturday! There is a big day of college football and once again The Pump Fake has all your college football picks for you to play! All of our picks are in bold and are using the Bodog lines, one of the safest sports books on the Internet! If the lines change or you are looking for more hit us up on twitter @pfake.
You can always call our voice mail hot line at 1-877-294-Fake(3253) to talk smack let us know what your playing are just speak your mind!
Thursday’s Game
Mississippi -3.5 vs. South Carolina
Friday’s Game
Missouri -7 vs. Nevada Reno
Saturday’s Games
Fresno State +17 vs. Cincinnati
Michigan State +3 vs. Wisconsin
Buffalo +3 vs. Temple
Michigan -21 vs. Indiana
Florida State -14.5 vs. South Florida
Georgia Tech -2.5 vs. North Carolina
LSU -13 vs. Mississippi State
Marshall +3 vs.  Memphis
Wake Forest -2 vs. Boston College
UNLV -5 vs. Wyoming
Arkansas +17 vs. Alabama
Illinois +14 vs. Ohio State
Miami -3 vs. Virgina Tech
East Carolina -10.5 vs. Central Florida
Texas -35.5 vs. Texas El-Paso
TCU +3 vs. Clemson
California -6 vs. Oregon
Rutgers -2.5 vs. Maryland
N.C. State -1 vs. Pittsburgh
Florida -22 vs. Kentucky
BYU -16 vs. Colorado State
Georgia -12 vs. Arizona State
Bowling Green +17 vs. Boise State
Tennessee -22 vs. Ohio
Utah -14 vs. Louisville
Oregon State -2 vs. Arizona
Notre Dame -7 vs. Purdue
Houston -2 vs. Texas Tech
Rice +7 vs. Vanderbilt
Upset Special
Iowa to beat Penn State once again
Iowa +10 vs. Penn State

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NFL Free Picks Week 2


 Week two is here and The Pump Fake is once again ready to pick all the winners. Last week was a good week with a respectable nine and we are looking to improve on that with a solid week! Well without much further chatter here are the picks:

Sunday Games

Atlanta -6 vs. Carolina

St. Louis +10 vs. Washington

Detroit Lions +10.5 vs. Minnesota

Oakland +3.5 vs. Kansas City

Cincinatti +9 vs. Green Bay

Houston +7 vs. Titans

New England -4 vs. Jets

New Orleans +2.5 vs. Philly

Jacksonville -3 vs. Arizona

Seattle +1.5 vs. San Fran

Tampa Bay +5 vs. Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears +3 vs. Pittsburgh

Baltimore +0 vs. San Diego

Denver -3 vs. Cleveland

New York Giants +3 vs. Dallas

Monday Night Game

Miami +3.5 vs. Indy

Look for us on twitter for more updates and if their are any changes in the plays. @pfake

Next week we will be debuting the NFL Betting preview show where we will be breaking down all the games and explaining our picks! So check out The Pump Fake Podcast on Itunes.


Week 3 Free College Football Picks

USC v Ohio State

Here we are with the big week three picks! I have broken down all the games scoured the knowledge bases and have equalized the pressure in my oxygen tank! The previous week awful showing overall was highlighted with a lot of nice plays sprinkled in their. This week overall the plays will be more consistent. Well lets get right into it here are the games!

Thursday’s Game

Georgia Tech +5 VS. Miami

Friday’s  Game

Boise Sate -7 VS. Fresno State

Saturday’s Games

East Carolina +7.5 VS. North Carolina

Minnesota +14 VS. California

Kansas -22 VS. Duke

Eastern Michigan +24 VS. Michigan

Northern Illinois +13 VS. Purdue

Ball State +7.5 VS. Army

Toledo +20.5 VS. Ohio State (if this goes down to +20 you have to go the other way)

Penn State -30 VS. Temple

Boston College +7 VS. Clemson

Tennessee +29.5 VS. Florida

Oklahoma -17 VS. Tulsa

Iowas -5.5 VS. Arizona

Washington +20 VS. USC

Utah +4 VS. Oregon

Notre Dame -10 VS. Michigan State

Nebraska +5 VS. Virginia Tech

Cincinnati -1 VS. Oregon State

BYU -7.5 VS. Florida State

Georgia +1 VS. Arkansas

Texas -17.5 VS. Texas Tech

Rice +32.5 VS. Oklahoma State(unless they get the I’m a man Speech)

Bowling Green -3 VS. Marshall

Northwestern -3.5 VS. Syracuse

UCLA -12 VS. Kansas State(wait on this one for the Spread to drop with UCLA suspended players!)

Hawaii +7 VS. UNLV


College Football Week 2 Free Picks

Miami v Florida State

Well just like Jacoby The Pump Fake is going deep with all of our college football picks for week two here. Check them out and play out these picks at your own desire! Be sure to check out our podcast as wee break down these game more in depth and all things sport related.  Make sure and subscribe to the posts to keep updated on any changes in the spread that we may advise you on and follow us on twitter for late breaking info!

Thursday Game:

Georgia Tech -5 vs Clemson

Saturday’s Games:

Indiana -1.5 vs  Western Michigan

Pittsburgh -10.5 vs Buffalo

Michigan State -14.5 vs Central Michigan

Northwestern -19 vs Eastern Michigan

Iowa State +6.5 vs Iowa

Duke +2 vs Army

Stanford +3 vs Wake Forest

Fresno State +8.5 vs Wisconsin

North Carolina -4.5 vs Uconn

Syracuse +28.5 vs Penn State

Virginia Tech -19.5 vs Marshall

Kent +21 vs Boston College

Virgina +11 vs TCU

Houston +15 vs Oklahoma State (pick of the Week)

Notre Dame -3 vs Michigan

Navy -7.5 vs Louisiana Tech

Texas -33.5 vs Wyoming

East Carolina +7 vs West Virginia

Idaho +21 vs Washington

Alabama Birmingham -12 vs SMU

Tennessee -9 vs UCLA

Missouri -19 vs Bowling Green

Auburn -14 vs Mississippi State

Rice +28 vs Texas Tech

South Carolina +7 vs Georgia

Minnesota -4 vs Air Force

Washington State +1.5 vs Hawaii

Vanderbilt +14.5 vs LSU

Kansas -12 vs UTEP

Ohio State +7 vs USC

New Mexico +17.5 vs Tulsa

Miami Ohio +37 vs Boise State

Oregon -12 vs Purdue

Utah -14 vs San Jose State (power play)

Oregon State -7 vs UNLV

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NFL Week 1 Free Picks

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans Well the Cheerleaders are all in place And we are ready for the first week of the NFL Season! As we will be doing all season we will be picking all the games so everyone out there can make their picks and take the money to the bank! Well here they are!

Thursday night game:

Pittsburgh Steelers -6

Sunday Games:

Indianapolis Colts -7

Atlanta -4

Minnesota -4 (power play)

New Orleans -13.5

Philadelphia Eagles -2

Houston Texans -5

Dallas Cowboys -6

Kansas City Chiefs +13

Cincinnati -4 (power play)

Seattle Seahawks -8.5

New York Giants -6.5

San Francisco 49ers +6.5

Chicago Bears +3.5 (power play)

Monday Night Games:

Buffalo +11

San Diego Chargers -9

Well their it is folks enjoy and if anyone wants us to look at a parlay they are thinking about let us know and we can break it down for you! Just hit us up on twitter @pfake or via the contact page and always by our voice mail at 1-877-294-FAKE!

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Free College Football Picks Week 1

iStock_000003218572SmallWell the Big Saturday has arrived and here are some secret plays I have selected for you! Remember every Saturday morning we will have your last minute plays so always check back!

Western Michigan +13

They are playing Michigan and Western covers against the big ten the last 8 years. They cover the spread here again and are a good play! This is the 3:30 game on ABC so get in on this!.

Nevada +15

They are playing Notre Dame and I like the play here take the points and you will like the outcome! This is also the 3:30 game.

Missouri vs. Illinois over under of 61

The trends point to teams not being ready so far and this game is at a neutral field so look for the under to hit just barely, but whats a goo under if you don’t sweat it out!

Georgia +5

Georgia is Playing Oklahoma State at OSU at 3:30 est. Georgia under Mark Richt always wins these away non conference games and they will win this game also! Joe Cox may be sick but he is going to play. You are getting+170 on this game so take the power conference team from the SEC Georgia and you will be happy!

Well those are my plays of the day….and remeber to check back every Sat. Morining to get your plays of the day!


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