Thursday Night Games

Michael Vick second day of practice

I know everyone has been anticipating the long awaited debut of Michael Vick, well tonight we will see what kind of action he gets! Here is some thoughts I have on the games tonight:

Eagles vs the Jaguars 7:00 om eastern

McNabb will start the game and look good as he is relaxed and he plays his best when he has nothing to worry about. He is not worried about Vick he sees Vick as someone who is taking the pressure of him. He no longer has to worry about being the main man all the time. I predict Vick will come in on the third series once with McNabb in the game and the other two downs by himself.  I think McNabb will play Wide receiver on the one play they are both out there, heck Vick might even throw him the ball just to give opposing teams video to watch that the Eagles are not afraid to try different plays.  A lot of people are thinking Vick will get booed, I think there will be some boo birds but most of the city is behind him and he will get a good reception.

I don’t like betting on Preseason games but the line info is here I would take the points in the preseason as the Jags are coming along nice and this game will be close as Vick is nervous and will fumble the ball once leading to a Jaguar Score. The Vegas line is Philly by 7 or 7.5.

Rams Vs Bengals 7:30

With Carson Palmer not playing I would look for Cedric Benson to have a good game. He is a dark horse fantasy sleeper but the oft injured Palmer needs a strong running back and Benson should be solid behind the Bengals line. The Bengals Defense is really good and I will go out on a limb and say it is going to be a top ten defense. I think they will hurt the Rams early and get a big lead and the ground game will carry them.

The Vegas line is Bengals by 2.5 to three and I say this is the gimme of the day! Got to take the Bengals in this game the score will be 21-7 and that would be 24-0 if this was the regular season. The Bengals are starting to move forward and the Rams are still moving backwards.

Dolphins vs the Buccaneers 8:00 pm Eastern

We get a good preview of possible starters for the Bucs at the QB position, its a good battle between McCown and Leftwich. I don’t have a good feel for who should get this but I would like to see Leftwich take it he is a solid player and deserves to start for a team after all he has been through. The dolphins running game will be too much for the Bucs in this game even though their defense is good. I am looking forward to seeing some good wildcat sets in this one to see what Parcells has worked on .

The Vegas line is Tampa by 2 and I like the Dolphins in this one. They are better at running the ball and their Defense is strong enough to hold the game close. I don’t think the Bucs have enough firepower in their arsenal to get out to a early lead and take the Dolphins out of their run game. Take the Dolphins and the points.

Breakdown of the picks:

Jags +7.0

Bengals +2.5

Dolphins +2.0

No chalk today folks take the points and parlay yourself to victory….

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