Family Values and Conduct Detrimental to the league?

Family values and Ben Rothlesberger may seem like a weird headline considering his recent problems with law regarding the ladies.  Ben has been the butt of many jokes and taken a lot of scrutiny by the league for his actions that night in the bar. The facts we know are this that he behaved inappropriately with members of the opposite sex on a couple of occasions.  He was later accused of rape by the female in question yet later all charges were dropped.  Ben still had to deal with strong arming from Roger Goodell though. Roger went ahead and antied up a 6 game suspension based on Ben’s “Conduct Detrimental to the League.”

To sum up Ben just gave the appearance to the league that he was not acting accordingly to what values the NFL wanted to portray to the public…..

…Really values you want to portray..Ben is a saint compared to many other players in the league. I give you a prime example below:

Let me sum up Mr. Cromartie to you he has so many kids from so many different women he can’t remember there names!  Yet since he was not accused of breaking any laws he is not suspended like Ben was.  The tricky issue of  “conduct detrimental to the league” comes up again, so we are saying that Ben was detrimental to the league for being falsely accused of a crime, yet having 7 kids by 6 different women in the last five years is not a bad image to the league! I would not ride crapartie about it so hard if he was on time for all of his child support payments bu the fact of the matter is he is not.  That brings up another point if you are late paying your child support that is not detrimental to the league!

So here is my message to Roger Goodell lets be fair across the board, lets start punishing the people who don’t uphold the image of the league in all aspects. This is not the NoFatherLeague its the NFL Roger!

NFL Week 3 Free Picks

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins

After a strong week 2 with 11 right we are moving right along into week 3 with another round of good action here. All the spreads are courtesy of Bodog sports book where you can always bet with confidence! Well here we go the The Pump Fake Week 3 Free Picks our picks are always in Bold!

Sunday Sept 27th

Houston -4 vs. Jacksonville

Houston looked good last week and will continue that good play this week.

Tampa Bay Bucs +7 vs. New York Giants

Giants are in a little bit of a injury plagues week which results in close game this week. Leftwich has looked good and will continue to play well against a weakened Giant Defense that is without Phillips and Tuck.

Tennessee Titans +3 vs. New York Jets

Tennessee pulls this one out to keep from going 0-3 and Sanchez finally makes some rookie mistakes.

Kansas City +7 vs. Philly

Philly is still in QB limbo and will try multiple variations with Vick. That did not work in the preseason and will not work here. Look for Kansas City to bounce back with a healthy Cassel and his new favorite target Bobby Wade. They keep it close.

Baltimore -13.5 vs. Cleveland Browns

Baltimore has a offense, let me repeat that they have a offense, we all knew they had a defense now the offense is there to help the strong defense rest. Cleveland has looked bad Quinn is not the answer and they struggle against the Ravens. I hat big NFL spreads and they never usually cover but you have to bet against the Browns they have shown nothing.

Detroit +6.5 vs. Washington Redskins

Detroit has always kept this game close even when they were really bad! Once again this is a close game but the Redskins pull it out.

San Fransisco +7 vs. Minnesota

I am not sold on San Fran and their new defense but we will see a strong running back battle in this one. I expect the 49ers to keep it close since Peterson is slightly injured so he does not break out 80 yarders and they have ot rely on Favre a little more.

New England Patriots -4 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Brady pulls it together at home! The Falcons are a good pick here but this is the New England Pats at home and expect that Pats Offense ot come together here and put up a show.

St. Louis Rams +7 vs. Green Bay Packers

St Louis looks to break out at home and well keep this game close. Steven Jackson has been wanting to break out this year and look for him to wear down the Green Bay defense. Green Bay Offensive line has had problems and will once again be subject to a healthy dose of pass rush from the Rams. Look for the Rams to keep it close and lose by 3 at home.

Chicago Bears -2.5 vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Bears are starting to gel together in their offense and will really lay it on the Seahawks with all their injuries. The Seahawks offense is nothing without Matt Hasselback and will struggle against a strong bears pass rush. Look for the Bears to Quiet the crowd early in the game and win big in Seattle.

New Orleans -6 vs. Buffalo

New Orleans is too much offense for the Bills to handle the Bills will put up some offense themselves and this should be a high scoring game but the Brees show will continue and they will cover the -6.

Cincinnati Bengals +4.5 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati has played two really good defensive games and their pass rush is the main cause. They will get to Big Ben and force some turnovers and could pull the upset that many have predicted. Pittsburgh can’t run the ball still and will look to use different looks to try and get a ground game going but the Bengals will hold them strong and will win.

Miami +6 vs. San Diego Chargers

Another week and the Chargers will be without L.T. they will use Sporles in lots of situations but the Miami defense is still strong. The running game for Miami is still strong and I look for them to control the game from the ground again and will win this in a close one.

Oakland +2 vs. Denver

Oakland is starting to show something and I am not sold on Kyle Orton as the Qb in Denver. The short passes will not work as well vs. the hard hitting Denver D. Look for Russel to have a better game completing passes this week and they win at home.

Indianapolis +2.5 vs. Arizona

Don’t mess with Peyton Manning in a shootout. That’s all you really need to say he can pass and no matter how good the passing game is for Arizona Peyton will put up better numbers and look for them to win on the road.

Monday Sept. 28

Carolina +9 vs. Dallas

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NFL Free Picks Week 2


 Week two is here and The Pump Fake is once again ready to pick all the winners. Last week was a good week with a respectable nine and we are looking to improve on that with a solid week! Well without much further chatter here are the picks:

Sunday Games

Atlanta -6 vs. Carolina

St. Louis +10 vs. Washington

Detroit Lions +10.5 vs. Minnesota

Oakland +3.5 vs. Kansas City

Cincinatti +9 vs. Green Bay

Houston +7 vs. Titans

New England -4 vs. Jets

New Orleans +2.5 vs. Philly

Jacksonville -3 vs. Arizona

Seattle +1.5 vs. San Fran

Tampa Bay +5 vs. Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears +3 vs. Pittsburgh

Baltimore +0 vs. San Diego

Denver -3 vs. Cleveland

New York Giants +3 vs. Dallas

Monday Night Game

Miami +3.5 vs. Indy

Look for us on twitter for more updates and if their are any changes in the plays. @pfake

Next week we will be debuting the NFL Betting preview show where we will be breaking down all the games and explaining our picks! So check out The Pump Fake Podcast on Itunes.


NFL Week 1 Free Picks

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans Well the Cheerleaders are all in place And we are ready for the first week of the NFL Season! As we will be doing all season we will be picking all the games so everyone out there can make their picks and take the money to the bank! Well here they are!

Thursday night game:

Pittsburgh Steelers -6

Sunday Games:

Indianapolis Colts -7

Atlanta -4

Minnesota -4 (power play)

New Orleans -13.5

Philadelphia Eagles -2

Houston Texans -5

Dallas Cowboys -6

Kansas City Chiefs +13

Cincinnati -4 (power play)

Seattle Seahawks -8.5

New York Giants -6.5

San Francisco 49ers +6.5

Chicago Bears +3.5 (power play)

Monday Night Games:

Buffalo +11

San Diego Chargers -9

Well their it is folks enjoy and if anyone wants us to look at a parlay they are thinking about let us know and we can break it down for you! Just hit us up on twitter @pfake or via the contact page and always by our voice mail at 1-877-294-FAKE!

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Merriman Arrested For Choking a Slore

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers Shawn Merriman Arrested and accused of choking his girlfriend Tila Tequila. She filed a complaint against him and he was taken to the station. The police have since realized that he was trying to protect her and are not charging him!

The story basically comes down to this crazy Slore was drunk and wanted to drive home from Shawn’s house. He would not let her because she was hammered beyond belief. Anyone who has dealt with a Slore before you know when they get all drunk they are hard to control and you have to beat them down a little!  With all seriousness he just wanted to keep her at his house till she got a taxi or she sobered up, he was doing a good thing and she just bitched out!

I will say that this is the sort of thing Roger Goddell hates, its just another NFL superstar putting himself in a bad situation! Tila Tequila, seriously Shawn you could get so many better looking Slores! (Slut/Whores)

This is a women who changed her last name to be a drink, she is bad news and too much of a attention hound for a NFL player. The only reason she is famous is because she had a lot of friends on Friendster and she knows “Tom.”

But, I digress and say that I am glad he is being released and hope he stays away from this Slore!

How does this play going into the game upcoming this Sunday at the Raiders?  I think the story will die down by them and it will be a non-issue, but he will get a call from Goddell! He will most likely be enrolled in the Slore training program and everything will be good for the rest of the year!

Andre Smith Injured

Cicinnati Bengals Minicamp Why does a guy who always signs and gets to camp late get hurt? It seems like every year you have a guy who is a top ten pick who holds out forever then finally gets the big contract and then tries to overwork himself. This always results in him getting hurt!

“Andre Smith  suffered a small fracture in his left foot during a non-contact drill,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said in a statement. “Our medical staff tells me the injury will not require surgery. It’s too soon to closely predict how long it will be before he can return to practice, but it looks like he’s going to miss a few weeks.”

What are the implications of this you ask? Well he was hoping to anchor the line that protects oft injured Carson Palmer! I would expect since Smith is a big guy that this will linger on for a while. The backup Collins is expected to step in and fill the hole. While he is a viable backup, he is no top ten pick! Carson should be devalued in any late fantasy drafts you are doing. I would expect most teams to only draft him as a backup but if your are using him as your starter then you better watch out!

As far as betting week one vs the Broncos its is still too hard to call. The Broncos QB Kyle Orton looks to be out as well as Chris Simms their backup. Look for more update on this as it looks to be a ugly game in Cincy!

Recapping Favre Performance

Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans Brett Favre’s ribs appear to be just fine.  He took plenty of hits and even delivered one.Adrian Peterson scored on the game’s first play, Favre played three quarters despite saying he might have an injured rib, and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Houston Texans 17-10 in a preseason game Monday night.

Favre was 13 of 18 for 142 yards. He didn’t move the offense much following Peterson’s touchdown until a 28-yard catch and run by Chester Taylor just before halftime.

So Favre may or may not be injured and apparently he has not worries about his body, which is evident throughout his career. Did he look good tonight? I give him a maybe he played decent. I would call it a Jake Delhome game not great but good enough to win.

On a fantasy football note I would look to this game as a preview of possible many games Favre is the in, AP is that good and will bust runs like this all the time. Virtually eliminating all of Favre’s stats. In most leagues he is considered a bye week guy but I would not trust him for that. I would say you will be lucky to get 180yds and 1TD with him in your bye week!

The Pump Fake Rating of Favre’s Performance!

6/10 Only because I did not think he would complete 10 passes and he fake a rib injury so you get a 6 SIR!

Favre Game number 2!

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre goes out for the second time as a Viking…what can we expect from the second game?

I would like to see at least two completed passes!

Throw the Ball deep once (we need to see something out of his arm!)

Earn the respect of his teammates, he can’t just complete two passes to do this he needs multiple completions and throw the ball deep to Berrian!

I will say after last weeks performance the bar is set low so doing anything will be better, the pressure is higher since the chatter in the locker room is getting bigger. Favre knows he needs a big game and we will see what he gets done!

Betting the Game

The Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans will both be gunning for a victory on Monday when they meet at Reliant Stadium.

Oddsmakers currently have the Texans listed as 3-point favorites versus the Vikings, while the game’s total is sitting at 39.

Tarvaris Jackson threw two TD passes as the Vikings won their second straight preseason game last time out, defeating the Chiefs 17-13. The Vikings covered the 3-point spread, while the 30 points fell UNDER the posted total of 37.

The Texans were defeated 38-14 by the Saints last time out, as 3-point favorites. The game’s combined score sailed OVER the posted total of 39.

Weather looks good its on a grass field and looks to be 78 degrees with slight clouds no worries here!


I say take the Texans -3 at home Favre is old and still not ready to play. If they pull him out early then Jackson will look good again and may decide this game. Based on my belief Favre will stay in the whole first half I am going with the Texans -3.


Orton vs Cutler! Preview of Bears vs Broncos

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers We have arrived to the big anticipated game, although it is just a preseason game this game will have implications all over the place.

1: First we have Jay Culters return to Denver after blasting the team McDaniel and anyone else who was listening.

2: Kyle Orton vs the Bears his old team, many Fantasy Football pundits have predicted KO to have a really good year since he has all these weapons. I believe we will see the real Kyle Orton tonight and that Kyle plays Football on his Backside!

3: Bears receivers vs Broncos receivers: The Bears are undervalued at the WR position and all you Fantasy Football fans will want to see this as you have some new sleepers after this game. The Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall so 2nd year guy Eddie Royal will be leading the charge. I like the Bears receivers to make a statement as Cutler finally gets on the same page with Hester and gets a deep ball to him.

Prediction of Game:

Bear’s Vs Bronco’s 8pm Eastern

Spread is +2 for the Bears and I like taking the points in this game. Cutler is used to playing in Denver and is still looking to make a statement! My final score prediction is Bears 28 – 12.

  1. Bears get two Turnovers off of  Orton Fumbles and take one to the House!
  2. Cutler hits Olson, Forte and Hester for touchdowns!
  3. Lovie Smith is calling Defensive plays this year and the difference will really be apparent tonight. Previously Bob Babich called the plays and was more of a rad and react guy, Lovie goes by the Attack, Attack, Attack system. I predict a big game for the defense!
  4. Take the points tonight and win big +2 is bet!
  5. As far as game total I predicted a 28-12 Score which puts it barely at the over….play this at your own risk!

The weather in Denver is 61 degrees and Cloudy and its looking like some good football weather.  Orton plays horrible with a wet ball and will be very erratic if it starts to rain so watch this closely if starts to rain.

Tom Brady Injured??

New England Patriots v Washington Redskins Tom Brady has been looking all world the last couple of Pre-Season games and looked to be moving up all the Fantasy draft boards. A hard hit from Albert Haynes worth usually would be enough to change everyone’s season. Everyone took a effervescent sigh of relief when Belichick said Brady is okay, but is he really.  Belichick is the master of hiding injuries and he may be getting ready again here, this is enough of a sore shoulder for Brady to appear every week on the injury report. I am not ready to panic yet but I would take this as a sign not to put Brady to far up on the list I have seen some drafts with Brady in the top 5 and I say he is better suited at 15+ there are two many good running backs and the drop of in WR from the top tier to the second tier is huge. Don’t fall into the Brady trap take the injury as a sign and save Brady for the second round.

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