College Football Spectacular Show!

We are working on the College Football special edition podcast and have started to break down all the opening weekend games. The show is available on Itunes , and we encourage everyone to check it out.  We will be breaking down the top 25 teams and analyzing all their returning players etc.  If anyone wants us to break down their team or really think your team is deserving to be in the top 25 but is not listed then be sure to drop us a line by leaving a comment below or through our contact page.

We are also will have a select number of prime games for you to bet on so look forward to that. In anticipation of that please drop us a line on a game or parlay that you are thinking of running and we will break it down for you and try and advise you on the best route.

Thanks everyone in The Pump Fake Army for listening to us, we have a exciting season planned for you all I can say is “Big Money, Big Money, No Whammies!”

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