Kardashian Curse strikes Reggie Bush

The little known Kardashian curse has struck down its heavy hand on Reggie Bush today. Reggie is reportedly having his Heisman trophy taken away that he won in 2005, over taking money while in college. The Heisman committee who really just does whatever they want, which is apparent by Florida QB’s always winning Heisman’s…

Yet I digress and focus on the real issue at hand here, the Kardashian sisters do one thing for their men while they are together, win championships and make them great players. So Reggie was with Kim and living the good life of being a champion…until the day they broke up and it all started to go downhill for Reggie.  The NCAA investigation, then the awards start going away and really he is one step away from completely falling apart and only being able to date Jessica Simpson! If only he would not have ended the relationship with Kim he would not have had to endure the dreaded Kardashian Curse!

Heed this warning Miles Austin do not break up with Kim…it will only result in injury!

Free College Football Picks Week 4

Georgia Tech v Miami
Is Miami back? Can they Beat three Ranked teams in a row? We will find out Saturday! There is a big day of college football and once again The Pump Fake has all your college football picks for you to play! All of our picks are in bold and are using the Bodog lines, one of the safest sports books on the Internet! If the lines change or you are looking for more hit us up on twitter @pfake.
You can always call our voice mail hot line at 1-877-294-Fake(3253) to talk smack let us know what your playing are just speak your mind!
Thursday’s Game
Mississippi -3.5 vs. South Carolina
Friday’s Game
Missouri -7 vs. Nevada Reno
Saturday’s Games
Fresno State +17 vs. Cincinnati
Michigan State +3 vs. Wisconsin
Buffalo +3 vs. Temple
Michigan -21 vs. Indiana
Florida State -14.5 vs. South Florida
Georgia Tech -2.5 vs. North Carolina
LSU -13 vs. Mississippi State
Marshall +3 vs.  Memphis
Wake Forest -2 vs. Boston College
UNLV -5 vs. Wyoming
Arkansas +17 vs. Alabama
Illinois +14 vs. Ohio State
Miami -3 vs. Virgina Tech
East Carolina -10.5 vs. Central Florida
Texas -35.5 vs. Texas El-Paso
TCU +3 vs. Clemson
California -6 vs. Oregon
Rutgers -2.5 vs. Maryland
N.C. State -1 vs. Pittsburgh
Florida -22 vs. Kentucky
BYU -16 vs. Colorado State
Georgia -12 vs. Arizona State
Bowling Green +17 vs. Boise State
Tennessee -22 vs. Ohio
Utah -14 vs. Louisville
Oregon State -2 vs. Arizona
Notre Dame -7 vs. Purdue
Houston -2 vs. Texas Tech
Rice +7 vs. Vanderbilt
Upset Special
Iowa to beat Penn State once again
Iowa +10 vs. Penn State

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Week 3 Free College Football Picks

USC v Ohio State

Here we are with the big week three picks! I have broken down all the games scoured the knowledge bases and have equalized the pressure in my oxygen tank! The previous week awful showing overall was highlighted with a lot of nice plays sprinkled in their. This week overall the plays will be more consistent. Well lets get right into it here are the games!

Thursday’s Game

Georgia Tech +5 VS. Miami

Friday’s  Game

Boise Sate -7 VS. Fresno State

Saturday’s Games

East Carolina +7.5 VS. North Carolina

Minnesota +14 VS. California

Kansas -22 VS. Duke

Eastern Michigan +24 VS. Michigan

Northern Illinois +13 VS. Purdue

Ball State +7.5 VS. Army

Toledo +20.5 VS. Ohio State (if this goes down to +20 you have to go the other way)

Penn State -30 VS. Temple

Boston College +7 VS. Clemson

Tennessee +29.5 VS. Florida

Oklahoma -17 VS. Tulsa

Iowas -5.5 VS. Arizona

Washington +20 VS. USC

Utah +4 VS. Oregon

Notre Dame -10 VS. Michigan State

Nebraska +5 VS. Virginia Tech

Cincinnati -1 VS. Oregon State

BYU -7.5 VS. Florida State

Georgia +1 VS. Arkansas

Texas -17.5 VS. Texas Tech

Rice +32.5 VS. Oklahoma State(unless they get the I’m a man Speech)

Bowling Green -3 VS. Marshall

Northwestern -3.5 VS. Syracuse

UCLA -12 VS. Kansas State(wait on this one for the Spread to drop with UCLA suspended players!)

Hawaii +7 VS. UNLV


College Football Week 2 Free Picks

Miami v Florida State

Well just like Jacoby The Pump Fake is going deep with all of our college football picks for week two here. Check them out and play out these picks at your own desire! Be sure to check out our podcast as wee break down these game more in depth and all things sport related.  Make sure and subscribe to the posts to keep updated on any changes in the spread that we may advise you on and follow us on twitter for late breaking info!

Thursday Game:

Georgia Tech -5 vs Clemson

Saturday’s Games:

Indiana -1.5 vs  Western Michigan

Pittsburgh -10.5 vs Buffalo

Michigan State -14.5 vs Central Michigan

Northwestern -19 vs Eastern Michigan

Iowa State +6.5 vs Iowa

Duke +2 vs Army

Stanford +3 vs Wake Forest

Fresno State +8.5 vs Wisconsin

North Carolina -4.5 vs Uconn

Syracuse +28.5 vs Penn State

Virginia Tech -19.5 vs Marshall

Kent +21 vs Boston College

Virgina +11 vs TCU

Houston +15 vs Oklahoma State (pick of the Week)

Notre Dame -3 vs Michigan

Navy -7.5 vs Louisiana Tech

Texas -33.5 vs Wyoming

East Carolina +7 vs West Virginia

Idaho +21 vs Washington

Alabama Birmingham -12 vs SMU

Tennessee -9 vs UCLA

Missouri -19 vs Bowling Green

Auburn -14 vs Mississippi State

Rice +28 vs Texas Tech

South Carolina +7 vs Georgia

Minnesota -4 vs Air Force

Washington State +1.5 vs Hawaii

Vanderbilt +14.5 vs LSU

Kansas -12 vs UTEP

Ohio State +7 vs USC

New Mexico +17.5 vs Tulsa

Miami Ohio +37 vs Boise State

Oregon -12 vs Purdue

Utah -14 vs San Jose State (power play)

Oregon State -7 vs UNLV

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Bradford goes down with Oklahoma

BYU-OklahomaBradford goes down for Oklahoma! On the podcast we talked about how Oklahoma’s worry was their offensive line and they should be worried about BYU……..in Sam’s case it sucks for us to be right! What does this mean for Oklahoma? Well I can see if he comes back in a couple of weeks they will be okay but looking ahead in three weeks they have Miami! Without Bradford I think they will lose that game then they have a improved Baylor team and that is another loss. He has to be back for the Texas game in week 6 for Oklahoma to even have a chance this year.

The thing is if that game is his first game back how good will he be! I would look for Oklahoma to have a tough year after this and will be lucky to have a shot at a BCS bowl! Texas is too good and their are so many other teams that are healthy and looking better in the Big 12.

Oklahoma was only going to go as far as Heisman boy will take them and with him injured they will be going nowhere! But, we will wait and see how this injury progress’s as to what Oklahoma may do in the coming weeks. Look for more reports coming to the site on possible Oklahoma plays because of this injury!

Free College Football Picks Week 1

iStock_000003218572SmallWell the Big Saturday has arrived and here are some secret plays I have selected for you! Remember every Saturday morning we will have your last minute plays so always check back!

Western Michigan +13

They are playing Michigan and Western covers against the big ten the last 8 years. They cover the spread here again and are a good play! This is the 3:30 game on ABC so get in on this!.

Nevada +15

They are playing Notre Dame and I like the play here take the points and you will like the outcome! This is also the 3:30 game.

Missouri vs. Illinois over under of 61

The trends point to teams not being ready so far and this game is at a neutral field so look for the under to hit just barely, but whats a goo under if you don’t sweat it out!

Georgia +5

Georgia is Playing Oklahoma State at OSU at 3:30 est. Georgia under Mark Richt always wins these away non conference games and they will win this game also! Joe Cox may be sick but he is going to play. You are getting+170 on this game so take the power conference team from the SEC Georgia and you will be happy!

Well those are my plays of the day….and remeber to check back every Sat. Morining to get your plays of the day!


College Football Games that could have Fights!

Oregon v Boise State This is my top five list of games that could feature a fight in them this weekend. After, the great sucker punch the Oregon player did I was inspired to think there has to be a list of other games that might feature a fight or random sucker punch:

5:  Nevada Vs. Notre Dame: I think that because Claussen may get punched by his own team if he does not win this game

4:  Western Michigan Vs. Michigan: There may be a fight in this game from all the long practices that Michigan has had! They are angry so look for them to start a fight.

3 : Virgina Tech Vs. Alabama: Alabama is fired up and has been talking smack so look out Tech they are ready to fight. Try doing some crazy punt block and you will be attacked by Alabama’s Punter!

2:   Georgia Vs. Oklahoma State: Joe Cox has the Flu and is going to be a late arrival to the game. He will be rubbed down by Richt with Vick vapo rub and this could send State into a fury from the smell!

And the number one game where a fight could occur this weekend……

1: Penn State Vs. Akron: Here is how it goes down…a Akron player accidentally runs into coach Paterno breaking his legs and hip once again sending him to the booth. The Penn State players lacking their 600 year old leader lose their minds and start punching Akron players!

Hope everyone enjoys all the games this weekend and we at the pump fake how there are no Punch’s thrown in any game but just wanted to make a little fun of the incident!

Boise State vs Oregon

NCAA Football: Boise State vs TCU DEC 23 The Oregon Ducks and the Boise State Broncos will both be trying to pick up a win on Thursday when they battle at Bronco Stadium.

Oddsmakers currently have the Broncos listed as 3½-point favorites versus the Ducks, while the game’s total has not yet been posted.

This is definitely the game of the night this Thursday as both teams are looking for a victory to carry them towards a bcs game. A loss here by either team will be detrimental towards any serious bcs bowl consideration.

Boise State played Oregon last year and beat them 37-32 and they were 10.5 point dogs. This year playing at home they are listed as 3.5 point favorites. They still have the offense and Coach Peterson will be getting them ready to play.

I predict this game to be a shootout of sorts but Boise State will come out on top with the Final Score of 31-21. Oregon does not have what it takes to beat Boise State at home!

Oregon will try and run the ball to control the clock and keep the ball out of Boise States hands. Boise can put up points in a hurry as all WAC teams can do. They are built to score points and their defense is enough to stop the running game that Oregon will try to dominate with.

Final Score Prediction

Boise State 31-21

Boise State Covers the 3.5 and I like it big!

Look at the total points when they are released also I would say they put it at 55 and could be the under if it posts at that!

Michigan may be practicing too much?

Michigan Well Rich is taking some heat from a report that former and current players were complaining about the amount of time that they are practicing. Well before I go off on the players saying this let me say this.

1: I never knew the NCAA had a rule against this, I always thought it was a coaches decision thing and there is no way they would over work them.

2: Why are former players complaining, did Rich bench them at some point.

3: Seriously current players are saying this, what does this say about the Michigan program, I for one have never heard of allegations like this before!

Okay now let me get into ripping the players complaining! First off you got to a major college program to play football, you most likely are not a rocket scientist or anything so you go to play football! When you play football you practice, there is no just showing up for class and not studying, they don’t have rules against the amount of time a teacher expects you to spend on homework! If Rich wanted more out of you and you could not give it then you quit. I see these players as a bunch of whiners, who could not handle the two-a-days or early spring practices. These players obviously were trying to just scoot by on their talent and did not believe in practicing!

I somewhat blame all the NFL guys for this, you see constantly a guy signing late or come out of retirement once training camp has already started or is almost complete. I could see a lot of guys thinking they are good enough coming out of High School and think they don’t need to practice.

Well I am here to tell you quit your bitching! This not the NFL you have proven nothing, if I was a guy in this locker room I would be looking at the guy next to me and saying buddy are you the lazy sucker that is complaining about practicing!

Michigan did not find any inconsistency with the practices(oh what a surprise!) Well since Michigan had a problem lets check West Virgina, Rich’s former team. Well, they checked and there was no problem their either. So that’s too schools that can not find any wrong doing!

So here is a Big Pump Fake slap in the face to any player current or former who complained! You do not deserve to play on the field with any current or former Michigan player and you will most likely suck in life! Good luck complaining to your boss at McDonald’s that you are working to hard because that’s the only job you can get since you don’t want to practice you probably don’t want to study either!

Breaking down the First South Carolina game!

STEVE SPURRIER Thinking about laying some green on the Thursday night game lineup here are my picks and thoughts on the outcome!

South Carolina at N.C. State

The South Carolina Gamecocks and the North Carolina State Wolfpack will be battling on the gridiron at Carter-Finley Stadium on Thursday in season-opening action.

Odds makers currently have the Wolfpack listed as 5-point favorites versus the Gamecocks, while the game’s total has not yet been posted.

South Carolina looks to get going under Steve Spurrier, he finally has decided on a QB since Chris Smelly forced his hand and transferred to Alabama. Stephen Garcia takes the helm full time this year and looks to have improved decision making.  Can he lead the team? He may have problems with a O-line that gave up 39 sacks last year and lost some WR depth. I predict Garcia to have a good year but I do not think it will start in North Carolina!

South Carolina beat NC State last year but they did not have there defense specialist and got killed in by there lack of defensive play calling.

NC State on the other hand looks like more of a complete team returning much of their offense and Defensive. The front four Defensive lineman are retuning and all seniors I look for them to have  big game at home against a weak offensive line.

NC State started horrible last year and finished as one of the stronger teams, I believe the trend continues and they easily cover the 5 points!

Final Score Prediction: 31-17

The game total has not been posted yet but look for a update when it is.

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