Week 3 Free College Football Picks

Here we are with the big week three picks! I have broken down all the games scoured the knowledge bases and have equalized the pressure in my oxygen tank! The previous week awful showing overall was highlighted with a lot of nice plays sprinkled in their. This week overall the plays will be more consistent. […]

The Pump Fake Podcast Episode 4

A spectacular show to say the least, a rousing discussion of the week that was football. With the start of the weekend to the Monday night debacles, it was all football all weekend.  Starting out in college football, we break down and highlight the performances of the top teams.  The Pump Fake is on a […]

Serena Goes Nuts!

Serena went and channeled John McEnroe at the U.S Open causing her to lose the match. She was most likely going to lose anyway, but a outburst in tennis like this is shocking! Especially for a lady! I don’t know how much of lady you call Serena after this….

College Football Week 2 Free Picks

Well just like Jacoby The Pump Fake is going deep with all of our college football picks for week two here. Check them out and play out these picks at your own desire! Be sure to check out our podcast as wee break down these game more in depth and all things sport related.  Make […]

The Pump Fake Podcast Episode 3

Well just like the NFL we are ready to kick off here again and we through in another podcast because after doing the NFL Fantacular the other sports felt left out. In this episode of The Pump Fake Podcast we discuss the happenings in the land of college football, from Oklahoma’s loss to the up […]

NFL Week 1 Free Picks

Well the Cheerleaders are all in place And we are ready for the first week of the NFL Season! As we will be doing all season we will be picking all the games so everyone out there can make their picks and take the money to the bank! Well here they are! Thursday night game: […]

NFL Fantacular Podcast

The preseason is over and we are ready to start the NFL season! As part of the process we want to kick of the season with our NFL fantacular podcast. In this episode of The Pump Fake Podcast we focus on the NFL divisions and offer our analysis of the season. We predict the division […]

Bradford goes down with Oklahoma

Bradford goes down for Oklahoma! On the podcast we talked about how Oklahoma’s worry was their offensive line and they should be worried about BYU……..in Sam’s case it sucks for us to be right! What does this mean for Oklahoma? Well I can see if he comes back in a couple of weeks they will […]

Merriman Arrested For Choking a Slore

Shawn Merriman Arrested and accused of choking his girlfriend Tila Tequila. She filed a complaint against him and he was taken to the station. The police have since realized that he was trying to protect her and are not charging him! The story basically comes down to this crazy Slore was drunk and wanted to […]

Danica to Race in Nationwide series!

Danica Patrick will “all but certainly” be in NASCAR in 2010, but won’t give up Indy car racing and will limit next year’s activity to the Nationwide Series and Trucks, according to a source very close to the situation. Tony Stewart is the “star candidate” to be her partner and mentor in NASCAR, the source […]

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