The Pump Fake

We are sports junkies who watch all the games and breakdown everything. All sports are included, we take nothing for granted and give you all the information without any bull. We do a weekly podcast that can be subscribed to in Itunes or your favorite Podcast program. Each week we will break down the games and include our picks for each and every game. We also will include any info we have on players that you may not have heard. With a team of insiders across the nation we will talk to everyone to get all the non reported info to you every week. We will have special Fantasy sports info so you can make all the right plays on your Fantasy Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball teams. Listen to our Podcast to learn special information from our Vegas Insider and his pick of the week and even special parlays from our Parlay expert.


JohnImagsmallJohn Kane is the site administrator and weekly betting expert.  I have been creating running Fantasy and betting sports computer programs to analyze all the games and players for the last 15 years.  I was running Fantasy sports leagues before the Internet was created, all stats were done by hand and all the information was kept in giant notepads. Through the advent of the Internet the availability of information you can look at is immense, I break down all this information and give it to you straight. I have been betting on games for a long time and look forward to giving everyone the opportunity to experience the joys of winning through my picks. I went over 90% correct last year in the NFL so subscribe to our feed to keep updated on all the latest info and line information.  On the weekly Podcast I will break down many games and look for some secret picks that are only available on the Podcast.

BusinessGuyAndrew Jones co host of the Podcast, former High School Coach and football play expert……