Kardashian Curse strikes Reggie Bush

The little known Kardashian curse has struck down its heavy hand on Reggie Bush today. Reggie is reportedly having his Heisman trophy taken away that he won in 2005, over taking money while in college. The Heisman committee who really just does whatever they want, which is apparent by Florida QB’s always winning Heisman’s…

Yet I digress and focus on the real issue at hand here, the Kardashian sisters do one thing for their men while they are together, win championships and make them great players. So Reggie was with Kim and living the good life of being a champion…until the day they broke up and it all started to go downhill for Reggie.  The NCAA investigation, then the awards start going away and really he is one step away from completely falling apart and only being able to date Jessica Simpson! If only he would not have ended the relationship with Kim he would not have had to endure the dreaded Kardashian Curse!

Heed this warning Miles Austin do not break up with Kim…it will only result in injury!

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