Family Values and Conduct Detrimental to the league?

Family values and Ben Rothlesberger may seem like a weird headline considering his recent problems with law regarding the ladies.  Ben has been the butt of many jokes and taken a lot of scrutiny by the league for his actions that night in the bar. The facts we know are this that he behaved inappropriately with members of the opposite sex on a couple of occasions.  He was later accused of rape by the female in question yet later all charges were dropped.  Ben still had to deal with strong arming from Roger Goodell though. Roger went ahead and antied up a 6 game suspension based on Ben’s “Conduct Detrimental to the League.”

To sum up Ben just gave the appearance to the league that he was not acting accordingly to what values the NFL wanted to portray to the public…..

…Really values you want to portray..Ben is a saint compared to many other players in the league. I give you a prime example below:

Let me sum up Mr. Cromartie to you he has so many kids from so many different women he can’t remember there names!  Yet since he was not accused of breaking any laws he is not suspended like Ben was.  The tricky issue of  “conduct detrimental to the league” comes up again, so we are saying that Ben was detrimental to the league for being falsely accused of a crime, yet having 7 kids by 6 different women in the last five years is not a bad image to the league! I would not ride crapartie about it so hard if he was on time for all of his child support payments bu the fact of the matter is he is not.  That brings up another point if you are late paying your child support that is not detrimental to the league!

So here is my message to Roger Goodell lets be fair across the board, lets start punishing the people who don’t uphold the image of the league in all aspects. This is not the NoFatherLeague its the NFL Roger!

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