Week 3 Free College Football Picks

USC v Ohio State

Here we are with the big week three picks! I have broken down all the games scoured the knowledge bases and have equalized the pressure in my oxygen tank! The previous week awful showing overall was highlighted with a lot of nice plays sprinkled in their. This week overall the plays will be more consistent. Well lets get right into it here are the games!

Thursday’s Game

Georgia Tech +5 VS. Miami

Friday’s  Game

Boise Sate -7 VS. Fresno State

Saturday’s Games

East Carolina +7.5 VS. North Carolina

Minnesota +14 VS. California

Kansas -22 VS. Duke

Eastern Michigan +24 VS. Michigan

Northern Illinois +13 VS. Purdue

Ball State +7.5 VS. Army

Toledo +20.5 VS. Ohio State (if this goes down to +20 you have to go the other way)

Penn State -30 VS. Temple

Boston College +7 VS. Clemson

Tennessee +29.5 VS. Florida

Oklahoma -17 VS. Tulsa

Iowas -5.5 VS. Arizona

Washington +20 VS. USC

Utah +4 VS. Oregon

Notre Dame -10 VS. Michigan State

Nebraska +5 VS. Virginia Tech

Cincinnati -1 VS. Oregon State

BYU -7.5 VS. Florida State

Georgia +1 VS. Arkansas

Texas -17.5 VS. Texas Tech

Rice +32.5 VS. Oklahoma State(unless they get the I’m a man Speech)

Bowling Green -3 VS. Marshall

Northwestern -3.5 VS. Syracuse

UCLA -12 VS. Kansas State(wait on this one for the Spread to drop with UCLA suspended players!)

Hawaii +7 VS. UNLV


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