The Pump Fake Podcast Episode 4

Buffalo Bills v New England PatriotsA spectacular show to say the least, a rousing discussion of the week that was football. With the start of the weekend to the Monday night debacles, it was all football all weekend.  Starting out in college football, we break down and highlight the performances of the top teams.  The Pump Fake is on a hot streak of picking upsets and after our first week pick of BYU we moved right into Houston last week and this week is no different! We move right along in the show and get into the big games in the NFL! We break down all the games in the big first week in the NFL. It was a event filed show and their was a lot discussion and some great picks for next week so if your betting on this weeks college or NFL games you need to listen! I think their was some singing on the show also……..

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John Kane and Andrew Jones - The Pump Fake Podcast - The Pump Fake Podcast

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