College Football Week 2 Free Picks

Miami v Florida State

Well just like Jacoby The Pump Fake is going deep with all of our college football picks for week two here. Check them out and play out these picks at your own desire! Be sure to check out our podcast as wee break down these game more in depth and all things sport related.  Make sure and subscribe to the posts to keep updated on any changes in the spread that we may advise you on and follow us on twitter for late breaking info!

Thursday Game:

Georgia Tech -5 vs Clemson

Saturday’s Games:

Indiana -1.5 vs  Western Michigan

Pittsburgh -10.5 vs Buffalo

Michigan State -14.5 vs Central Michigan

Northwestern -19 vs Eastern Michigan

Iowa State +6.5 vs Iowa

Duke +2 vs Army

Stanford +3 vs Wake Forest

Fresno State +8.5 vs Wisconsin

North Carolina -4.5 vs Uconn

Syracuse +28.5 vs Penn State

Virginia Tech -19.5 vs Marshall

Kent +21 vs Boston College

Virgina +11 vs TCU

Houston +15 vs Oklahoma State (pick of the Week)

Notre Dame -3 vs Michigan

Navy -7.5 vs Louisiana Tech

Texas -33.5 vs Wyoming

East Carolina +7 vs West Virginia

Idaho +21 vs Washington

Alabama Birmingham -12 vs SMU

Tennessee -9 vs UCLA

Missouri -19 vs Bowling Green

Auburn -14 vs Mississippi State

Rice +28 vs Texas Tech

South Carolina +7 vs Georgia

Minnesota -4 vs Air Force

Washington State +1.5 vs Hawaii

Vanderbilt +14.5 vs LSU

Kansas -12 vs UTEP

Ohio State +7 vs USC

New Mexico +17.5 vs Tulsa

Miami Ohio +37 vs Boise State

Oregon -12 vs Purdue

Utah -14 vs San Jose State (power play)

Oregon State -7 vs UNLV

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