NFL Week 1 Free Picks

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans Well the Cheerleaders are all in place And we are ready for the first week of the NFL Season! As we will be doing all season we will be picking all the games so everyone out there can make their picks and take the money to the bank! Well here they are!

Thursday night game:

Pittsburgh Steelers -6

Sunday Games:

Indianapolis Colts -7

Atlanta -4

Minnesota -4 (power play)

New Orleans -13.5

Philadelphia Eagles -2

Houston Texans -5

Dallas Cowboys -6

Kansas City Chiefs +13

Cincinnati -4 (power play)

Seattle Seahawks -8.5

New York Giants -6.5

San Francisco 49ers +6.5

Chicago Bears +3.5 (power play)

Monday Night Games:

Buffalo +11

San Diego Chargers -9

Well their it is folks enjoy and if anyone wants us to look at a parlay they are thinking about let us know and we can break it down for you! Just hit us up on twitter @pfake or via the contact page and always by our voice mail at 1-877-294-FAKE!

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