Bradford goes down with Oklahoma

BYU-OklahomaBradford goes down for Oklahoma! On the podcast we talked about how Oklahoma’s worry was their offensive line and they should be worried about BYU…… Sam’s case it sucks for us to be right! What does this mean for Oklahoma? Well I can see if he comes back in a couple of weeks they will be okay but looking ahead in three weeks they have Miami! Without Bradford I think they will lose that game then they have a improved Baylor team and that is another loss. He has to be back for the Texas game in week 6 for Oklahoma to even have a chance this year.

The thing is if that game is his first game back how good will he be! I would look for Oklahoma to have a tough year after this and will be lucky to have a shot at a BCS bowl! Texas is too good and their are so many other teams that are healthy and looking better in the Big 12.

Oklahoma was only going to go as far as Heisman boy will take them and with him injured they will be going nowhere! But, we will wait and see how this injury progress’s as to what Oklahoma may do in the coming weeks. Look for more reports coming to the site on possible Oklahoma plays because of this injury!

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