College Football Games that could have Fights!

Oregon v Boise State This is my top five list of games that could feature a fight in them this weekend. After, the great sucker punch the Oregon player did I was inspired to think there has to be a list of other games that might feature a fight or random sucker punch:

5:  Nevada Vs. Notre Dame: I think that because Claussen may get punched by his own team if he does not win this game

4:  Western Michigan Vs. Michigan: There may be a fight in this game from all the long practices that Michigan has had! They are angry so look for them to start a fight.

3 : Virgina Tech Vs. Alabama: Alabama is fired up and has been talking smack so look out Tech they are ready to fight. Try doing some crazy punt block and you will be attacked by Alabama’s Punter!

2:   Georgia Vs. Oklahoma State: Joe Cox has the Flu and is going to be a late arrival to the game. He will be rubbed down by Richt with Vick vapo rub and this could send State into a fury from the smell!

And the number one game where a fight could occur this weekend……

1: Penn State Vs. Akron: Here is how it goes down…a Akron player accidentally runs into coach Paterno breaking his legs and hip once again sending him to the booth. The Penn State players lacking their 600 year old leader lose their minds and start punching Akron players!

Hope everyone enjoys all the games this weekend and we at the pump fake how there are no Punch’s thrown in any game but just wanted to make a little fun of the incident!

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