Recapping Favre Performance

Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans Brett Favre’s ribs appear to be just fine.  He took plenty of hits and even delivered one.Adrian Peterson scored on the game’s first play, Favre played three quarters despite saying he might have an injured rib, and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Houston Texans 17-10 in a preseason game Monday night.

Favre was 13 of 18 for 142 yards. He didn’t move the offense much following Peterson’s touchdown until a 28-yard catch and run by Chester Taylor just before halftime.

So Favre may or may not be injured and apparently he has not worries about his body, which is evident throughout his career. Did he look good tonight? I give him a maybe he played decent. I would call it a Jake Delhome game not great but good enough to win.

On a fantasy football note I would look to this game as a preview of possible many games Favre is the in, AP is that good and will bust runs like this all the time. Virtually eliminating all of Favre’s stats. In most leagues he is considered a bye week guy but I would not trust him for that. I would say you will be lucky to get 180yds and 1TD with him in your bye week!

The Pump Fake Rating of Favre’s Performance!

6/10 Only because I did not think he would complete 10 passes and he fake a rib injury so you get a 6 SIR!

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