Michigan may be practicing too much?

Michigan Well Rich is taking some heat from a report that former and current players were complaining about the amount of time that they are practicing. Well before I go off on the players saying this let me say this.

1: I never knew the NCAA had a rule against this, I always thought it was a coaches decision thing and there is no way they would over work them.

2: Why are former players complaining, did Rich bench them at some point.

3: Seriously current players are saying this, what does this say about the Michigan program, I for one have never heard of allegations like this before!

Okay now let me get into ripping the players complaining! First off you got to a major college program to play football, you most likely are not a rocket scientist or anything so you go to play football! When you play football you practice, there is no just showing up for class and not studying, they don’t have rules against the amount of time a teacher expects you to spend on homework! If Rich wanted more out of you and you could not give it then you quit. I see these players as a bunch of whiners, who could not handle the two-a-days or early spring practices. These players obviously were trying to just scoot by on their talent and did not believe in practicing!

I somewhat blame all the NFL guys for this, you see constantly a guy signing late or come out of retirement once training camp has already started or is almost complete. I could see a lot of guys thinking they are good enough coming out of High School and think they don’t need to practice.

Well I am here to tell you quit your bitching! This not the NFL you have proven nothing, if I was a guy in this locker room I would be looking at the guy next to me and saying buddy are you the lazy sucker that is complaining about practicing!

Michigan did not find any inconsistency with the practices(oh what a surprise!) Well since Michigan had a problem lets check West Virgina, Rich’s former team. Well, they checked and there was no problem their either. So that’s too schools that can not find any wrong doing!

So here is a Big Pump Fake slap in the face to any player current or former who complained! You do not deserve to play on the field with any current or former Michigan player and you will most likely suck in life! Good luck complaining to your boss at McDonald’s that you are working to hard because that’s the only job you can get since you don’t want to practice you probably don’t want to study either!

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