Andre Smith Injured

Cicinnati Bengals Minicamp Why does a guy who always signs and gets to camp late get hurt? It seems like every year you have a guy who is a top ten pick who holds out forever then finally gets the big contract and then tries to overwork himself. This always results in him getting hurt!

“Andre Smith  suffered a small fracture in his left foot during a non-contact drill,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said in a statement. “Our medical staff tells me the injury will not require surgery. It’s too soon to closely predict how long it will be before he can return to practice, but it looks like he’s going to miss a few weeks.”

What are the implications of this you ask? Well he was hoping to anchor the line that protects oft injured Carson Palmer! I would expect since Smith is a big guy that this will linger on for a while. The backup Collins is expected to step in and fill the hole. While he is a viable backup, he is no top ten pick! Carson should be devalued in any late fantasy drafts you are doing. I would expect most teams to only draft him as a backup but if your are using him as your starter then you better watch out!

As far as betting week one vs the Broncos its is still too hard to call. The Broncos QB Kyle Orton looks to be out as well as Chris Simms their backup. Look for more update on this as it looks to be a ugly game in Cincy!

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