Tom Brady Injured??

New England Patriots v Washington Redskins Tom Brady has been looking all world the last couple of Pre-Season games and looked to be moving up all the Fantasy draft boards. A hard hit from Albert Haynes worth usually would be enough to change everyone’s season. Everyone took a effervescent sigh of relief when Belichick said Brady is okay, but is he really.  Belichick is the master of hiding injuries and he may be getting ready again here, this is enough of a sore shoulder for Brady to appear every week on the injury report. I am not ready to panic yet but I would take this as a sign not to put Brady to far up on the list I have seen some drafts with Brady in the top 5 and I say he is better suited at 15+ there are two many good running backs and the drop of in WR from the top tier to the second tier is huge. Don’t fall into the Brady trap take the injury as a sign and save Brady for the second round.

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