Orton vs Cutler! Preview of Bears vs Broncos

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers We have arrived to the big anticipated game, although it is just a preseason game this game will have implications all over the place.

1: First we have Jay Culters return to Denver after blasting the team McDaniel and anyone else who was listening.

2: Kyle Orton vs the Bears his old team, many Fantasy Football pundits have predicted KO to have a really good year since he has all these weapons. I believe we will see the real Kyle Orton tonight and that Kyle plays Football on his Backside!

3: Bears receivers vs Broncos receivers: The Bears are undervalued at the WR position and all you Fantasy Football fans will want to see this as you have some new sleepers after this game. The Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall so 2nd year guy Eddie Royal will be leading the charge. I like the Bears receivers to make a statement as Cutler finally gets on the same page with Hester and gets a deep ball to him.

Prediction of Game:

Bear’s Vs Bronco’s 8pm Eastern

Spread is +2 for the Bears and I like taking the points in this game. Cutler is used to playing in Denver and is still looking to make a statement! My final score prediction is Bears 28 – 12.

  1. Bears get two Turnovers off of  Orton Fumbles and take one to the House!
  2. Cutler hits Olson, Forte and Hester for touchdowns!
  3. Lovie Smith is calling Defensive plays this year and the difference will really be apparent tonight. Previously Bob Babich called the plays and was more of a rad and react guy, Lovie goes by the Attack, Attack, Attack system. I predict a big game for the defense!
  4. Take the points tonight and win big +2 is bet!
  5. As far as game total I predicted a 28-12 Score which puts it barely at the over….play this at your own risk!

The weather in Denver is 61 degrees and Cloudy and its looking like some good football weather.  Orton plays horrible with a wet ball and will be very erratic if it starts to rain so watch this closely if starts to rain.

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